Activities committee

This committee consists of a group of enthusiastic people who organize fun activities every month for LGBT+ youth in Nijmegen.

Media&PR committee

The Media&PR committee is responsible for all PR-materials of Dito!, such as the flyers and posters. The committee members also keep the website up-to-date.

Travel committee

The Travel committee organizes the yearly international travel for Dito!. Each year the committee makes sure we learn about local LGBT+ organisations and history.

Introduction Groups committee

Dito! organizes Intro groups several times a year, including one conducted in English. Are you somewhere on the LGBT+ spectrum, or are you not sure? Would you like to get to know new people? Then an Intro group could be just the thing for you!

Lunch committee

Dito! organizes a Pink lunch three times a month, a way for LGBT+ youth to get to know each other. Whether you just came out of the closet, haven’t come out at all, or did so long ago, you can meet fellow LGBT+ youth at the lunch and chat about anything and everything.

Jong&Out committee

Jong&Out is a national initiative to organize meetings for LGBT+ youth aged 18 or younger. In Nijmegen the J&O meetings take place on the last Sunday afternoon of every month.

Pink Week committee

The Pink Week on Campus is a yearly event on the Radboud University and HAN campus. It’s an entire week dedicated to the visibility, acceptance and emancipation of LGBT+ people.

MilQ committee

MilQ is a yearly gayminded party for people all ages (18+) in the Nijmegen city centre.