Privacy statement

When you become a Dito! member, we register some personal data of yours. We consider safe and responsible management of these data of utmost importance. This page explains which data we register, why, and how you can change or delete them. By becoming a Dito! member you agree to these terms.

Registered personal data

As Dito! member, the following personal data are registered:

  • Name and address, so we can send you your Dito! pass at the start of each year
  • Date and year of birth, so we can enforce our maximum age for activities, don’t ask a yearly contribution from Dito! members under the age of 18, and send you an email on your birthday
  • IBAN (and BIC for non-Dutch bank accounts), for carrying out the debit
  • Email address, so we can send you a birthday email, a notification for the debit for the yearly contribution, and the invitation for the ADV
  • Phone number, so we can reach you in case of emergency (such as a failed debit), of when your registered email address doesn’t work
  • Study/work, so we have some insight into where we are not yet reaching potential Dito! members, and so we know how many Dito! members study at the Radboud University (RU), which is important for some RU resources.

Management and sharing of personal data

Management of the registered data is a responsibility of the secretary; he or she is responsible for confidential and safe management of both the membership file and the registration forms. In addition, the membership file is shared with the treasurer when needed for the debit, which is usually two or three times a year depending on the registration of new Dito! members. The board member internal affairs also has a copy of the membership file with only the names, email addresses and dates of birth, for sending the birthday messages; this version is occasionally updated.

Data are not shared with third parties or other organisations. The only two exceptions are our monthly newsletter, and the registration of duo-members of Dito! and COC. In order to send the newsletter we use an external email service, for which we use the email addresses. In addition, we have an agreement with COC, detailing that twice a year the secretary registers new duo-members with the CC by sharing their name, address, date and year of birth and email address with the membership registration of COC Nederland. This is done so that duo-members receive the membership passes, magazine and newsletter of COC. We inform anyone who registers as duo-member about this by email and ask them for permission.

If at any point there is no active secretary in the Dito! board, the treasurer becomes responsible for management of personal data.

Questions, corrections and membership cancellation

The Dito! secretary is responsible for management of personal data, and can thus be emailed for questions about and corrections of your registered personal data. If you want to cancel your membership, this can also be done by emailing the secretary. As noted on the website and the registration form, cancelled memberships are processed at the end of that calendar year.

If you are a duo-member and which to correct personal data registered with the COC, or cancel your COC membership, you must notify them yourself. This can be done e.g. through the website of COC Nijmegen.